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Shading Agents

Brinkman has a wide variety of shading agents, to fulfill every need. The varied assortment contains the historically famous chalks but also the latest diffuse coatings. 
Our productspecialists work with the leading manufacturers of shading agents are able to give a good advice in every situation.

In many crops it is important, for optimal growth in the spring and summer months, that the plant is protected from direct sunlight. Too much sunlight can cause damage on many crops because of a high plant temperature and even possible burning of the crop. Where historically chalks were used for shading, in the 80’s liquid shading agents were introduced. Big advantage is the adjustable shadingpercentage at which liguid shading agents can be applied. The last decade, coatings were introduced on the market with which the light becomes even more manageable. In these coatings filters are introduced that can change the properties of the light, for example make light diffuse.

The fixen-products are based on pure chalk mixed with starch. The starch-molecules provide the adhesion to the glass and the lifetime of the product. The more starch is added the longer the lifetime of the product. Fixen were the first professionally used shading agents for the greenhouses and are now characterized by their low price and very straightforward shading.


Liquid shading agents
In the 80's the first liquid shading agents were introduced on the market. Advantage of liquids is that the shading percentage is adjustable. With the introduction of liquids growers could adapt their shading percentage to the needs of the crop. Another big advantage was that the applicability increased and from then on mechanical application was introduced. This allowed shading agents to be applied in a more even layer on the greenhouse roof.

fotowebsite2408Diffuse Coatings

In the last decade we see the developments of coatings that can be applied to the greenhouse roof. This has resulted in a number of products in which the light is continuously adjusted to the needs of the crop. Additional filters and features are added to the product. Hereby the focus is on PAR filters, diffusivity and transparency during rain.
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