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Royal Brinkman offers ease and comfort to the Mexican Growers

After opening the local office in the Mexican village Querétaro in 2014, Royal Brinkman unrolls the ‘Quick Quotation Service’ (QQS) in the rest of Mexico nowadays. This tool makes it easy to request online quotations for their needed horticultural supplies! Meanwhile, dozens of Mexican growers are using Mexican QQS. One of these users is Montserrat Duarte of the Agros Nursery in Querétaro 

The biggest comfort of the quotation shop is the 24/7 accessibility. “I use the Royal Brinkman QQS  since early 2017”, says Montserrat. “Before I ordered my supplies with a phone call, but then I was tied to the office’s opening hours. The quotation shop is a real solution for me: I can request quotations anytime and anywhere I want!” After a quotation request arrives at the office of Royal Brinkman, it will be processed and sent back to the grower. Subsequently, the grower can accept the quotation with one push on the button. This ensures a more efficient purchase process and this will lead to more ease and comfort, so a grower can perform his favorite activity: Optimizing the cultivation process.

Our branch manager Mexico, Ben Sosef, is also very enthusiastic about this opportunity: “The products in the QQS all have a clear product image and product description. This will make it much easier for customers to find the right product.” It will mostly benefit the quick finding of the right parts for machines and installation. Customers often experienced difficulties when identifying the parts, but this is history. We have managed to make a giant step forward in order convenience!


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