“Good combination of online ordering and personal contact”

redsun farmsRoyal Brinkman helps growers from all over the world. One of these growers is Andy Underwood, service engineer at RedSun Farms. RedSun Farms is a commercial greenhouse company raising fresh and local produce for the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. This facility is an 18 acre glass and steel greenhouse located in Dublin Virginia, USA. Being the only modern commercial greenhouse facility in the heart of Southwest Virginia has led to some unique challenges. We spoke with Andy about this.

“Our greenhouse design is built with metric standard parts. Replacement items that we need are often unavailable in our area. This is where Royal Brinkman’s webshop and support staff have proven to be a wonderful asset. The webshop allows us to find a wide variety of parts quickly and easily and, if we have trouble locating a part, the support staff is quick to help.”

“Coming from a non-greenhouse background, at times I struggle with some of the proper terms for a part but this is never an issue with Royal Brinkman.  I send an email and picture to my contact person, and the issue is quickly resolved. I could not be happier with the type of support that Royal Brinkman provides and the products that can be found on their website!” 

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