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Shading agents & diffuse coatings, the perfect climate conditions for your crop!

During warm and sunny periods many crops need a little help to remain growing strong. Although sunlight is essential for photosynthesis and growth in all plants, too much sunlight can lead to light burn and light stress symptoms in a lot of crops.

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Shading Agents offer reflection Shading agents reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse by partially reflecting sunlight. This greatly diminishes peaks in the greenhouse temperature and allows for a more stable growing climate.

shading agents newsQ3 White & Q4 White With these adjustable liquid shading agents the optimal conditions can easily be created that suit the need of your crop. Q4 White is an extremely weather resistant shading agent and has an excellent durability. Q3 White is a medium weatherproof that offers an economical shading solution. When shading above 65% of light we recommend Q3 White and shading below 65%, we recommend Q4 White.

vinkjeQ3 White and Q4 White are applicable on all greenhouse surfaces
vinkjeBoth shading agents can be applied mechanically or manually
vinkjeThey can easily be removed with Removit at the end of the shading season

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Diffuse coatings offer transmission
Research shows that plants can handle more sunlight when it is diffused. In contrast to shading agents diffuse coatings are intended to let through as much light as possible. Instead of reflection coatings offers transmission, which means that sunlight is beinig devided over a bigger/larger surface. This eliminates shadow formation in the greenhouse and ensures a higher reception of light in the greenhouse.

d fuse newsD-FUSE (Extra) & D-GREE
Our diffuse product range covers the three products D-FUSE, D-FUSE Extra and D-GREE. These three products each have different shading percentages but all offer a light diffusion of at least 86%. Besides making light diffuse D-GREE also has the addition of reflecting specifically Near-Infrared Radiation, thus significantly cooling the greenhouse.

vinkje All three coatings have a standard dosage per hectare
vinkje They are extremely weatherproof
vinkje Easy to remove with Removit

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Personal advice
Every crop and greenhouse has different needs and therefore requires a different approach. Our product specialist Richard Hagedoorn would be happy to provide tailored advise that suits the needs of your crop and greenhouse.

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