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Fights pests in your crop biologically

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The temperatures are rising and the pests we know in softfruits are coming with them. See the most frequent pests below and learn how to fight them.

Red spider control
Red spider can develop fast in tunnels so make sure your scouting is on point and introduce Phytsoseiulus asap when this pest is found in the crop to get good control.

Aphids control
Aphids is something we see more and more in the crops, scouting is a must! Bankerplants can make a difference with controlling the aphids, use them to build an army of predators to make sure the first wave of aphids can be tackled!

Thrips control
Thrips, start introducing cucumeris as soon as possible, cucumeris can be applied in sachets or loose material, depending on the pressure! Orius can be applied from now on to build the population in the crop!

biological crop protection

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