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High wire hooks


Brinkman offers you a full range of High Wire Hooks. Brinkman is delivering the High Wire Hooks all over the word for many years and is market leader with The Free fall Hooks (V-Hook).

Combined with our flexibility regarding hook size, thickness of the twine, the length of the twine, the twine colours and colour combinations, Brinkman supplies the Hooks in boxes which can be opened and kept open easily. The hooks are packed in a way that they can be taken out of the box very easily and fast without getting bundled. Brinkman offers you a solution for each situation and crop (cucumber, tomato, pepper, egg plant).

Overall most important is the quality and reliability of the product, the communication and the delivery.

We offer Hooks with Free Fall (V-Hook) and hooks without Free Fall (H-W hooks, High Wire Hooks).

The hooks are made from special, hardened steel in a special mold, which results in a uniform size and quality. In case you need hooks with Free Fall, you can decide yourself the length of the bundle on the hook and the length of the Free Fall. The Free Fall bundle is kept together with a elastic which van be removed easily. The twine than in positioned exactly at the plant and can be connected to the plant. 

Brinkman delivers the hooks in two sizes. The 180 mm hook is being used in relatively low greenhouses or in slow growing crops. 

The 220 mm hook is being used in higher greenhouses, cucumbers and other fast growing crops.

Different twine types and thicknesses can be orders (from 1/1000, 1/1200 and 1/1500)

For more information, please contact your Brinkman Area Managers or Royal Brinkman International (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) For more contact details please go to the following page.

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The advantages:

  • Twine falls straight down and does not tangle
  • Twine can be easily connected to the plant
  • Labour saving for hanging the Hooks and connecting the twine to the plant
  • Possible to use for planting “in between”
  • Hooks can be removed from the box fast and easily
  • Several Hooks can be held in one hand to increase speed of hanging
  • Twine does not tangle in the box so waste is reduced
  • Box opens and stays open easily
  • The hook is strong and does not deform with heavy loads
  • The sharp bend on the hook prevents movement on the wire
  • Hooks available in different sizes
  • High quality twine
  • Tension on the twine is kept high so it will not grip which make lowering the crop smooth and fast
  • Each twine length combination possible
  • Twine available in different colours and thicknesses
  • Each twine colour combination possible
  • Leaders
    in horticulture

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