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Crop protection

A Healty crop provides you with a high quality product. You want to get rid of diseases and pests that threaten your plants. Crop protection is a complex matter. Brinkman supports you with advise from our experts and a wide range of (natural) resources. We are always searching for better oppertunities, methods and products to protect your crop the most efficient way.Brinkman has interational and national prestige for the development of new specific greenhouse products.

Integrated control
Use of chemicals for crop protection will decrease with the use ofBioline_7_klein integrarted crop protection - a combination of biological and chemical means. Controlling spider – mites and thrips is being done succesfully with a variety of different predators. Similarly with whitefly and leafminer, different parasites (e.g. Encarsia) are used.

The guarantee of a reliable supply and advice is given by Brinkman’s involvement in the development and production of many predators and parasites. The correct foundation for crop protection is the starting point. Progress in the area of bio-technology is put into practice very quickly by Brinkman.

Bacteria, fungi and virus preparations will become part of the integrated control package. The same goes for pheromone traps which desorientate the pests and give effective control. The complete crop protection package also includes a group of water treatments and preservatives which ensure that a healthy product leaves the nursery. Nursery hygiene is a must and the equipment necessary for this is is available from Brinkman.


Registration and comparison
Brinkman have extented their service by creating the ‘voorop databnk’. All Brinkman customers can take advantage of this facility. Last but not least the correct registration and handling of crop protection information will make more effective management possible.
To use this information for comparison with other companies a certain level of knowledge and integration is necessary.

Brinkman can provide all of this!


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