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Menno Florades 10 liter [UK]

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Menno Florades (formerly Menno clean) is a powerful disinfectant which is highly effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroid. The product is specially developed for the horticultural and therefore tested specifically on plant pathogenic pathogens. In addition to the versatility to disinfect greenhouse stand ups, growing tables, jars, containers, machinery, containers, carts, etc. and is also used for the foot disinfection mats.

Because of its plant-friendliness and quick functions it is also possible to disinfect knives and scissors regularly during harvesting. The functioning of the product is easily measurable using the pH-value of the solution (pH 3.0 to 4.5). This can be measured by using pH-indicator paper or a pH-meter.

Regularly use would not affect the material in the form of corrosion and the like. Menno Florades is the only authorized disinfectant for horticulture in the Netherlands.

(Doesn't consist any constituents of quaternary ammonium compounds)

Benefits Menno Florades:

  • Only authorized disinfectant
  • Bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroid
  • Long-term operation
  • Effective against resting spores
  • Oduorless
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Harmless materials
  • Long shelf life
  • Stable solution
  • Measurable effectiveness

Product specifications:

Active ingredient: Benzoic acid (90 g/l)  
Approval number: 12784 N   
Formulation: soluble concentrate
Operation mode: Contact
Application type: spraying, brushing, casting and dipping 

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