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Water- and Electrotechnology

20040205-M313_kleinIf you are doing business with Brinkman on the field of water- and electrotechnology you can expect quality, reliability, technical expertise, a problem solving abilityand sharp prices. But a personal approach and technical support is just as important, every company is different. Brinkman Horitcultural engineering has the knowledge and skills to serve you.





Alarmpaneel_kleinDesign, construction and a variety of installations are all within Brinkman’s control. Brinkman’s own technical specialists and installers ensure that this is possible. Many types of installations are connected by control computers so the keyboards are ‘inter-related ‘and ‘made to measure’. Thus the relationship with the other blocks of the cube is shown.





20060301-M025_kleinUsing the most advanced equipment installations are made to measure by Brinkman and integration with other installations is achieved. This is possible because essential components can be quickly manufactured in Brinkman’s own workshops.

Water and especially good quality water is scarce. For this reason water must be handled with care. Every last drop must be considered, for example in drip systems on substrate, mobile benches and pot plants.



Water storage, discharge and treatment, and drain water collection become more important every day. Important new developments in the treatment of drain water are on the horizon. In summary, extremely reliable alarm systems and more technology give greater safety and greater control.


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